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Power Washing


Power Washing Description

Power washing is a great option if your bricks look dirty or grimy. While bricks have a great natural look to them they are relatively soft and porous and over time dirt, grime, and other sediment accumulates on and inside the bricks. When that happens a power wash is usually the best way to get your bricks to look new again. A power wash usually consists of either pressure washing bricks with water, sand-blasting them, or giving them a chemical clean to remove sediment or chemical buildup such as efflorescence.

A power wash can often be applied along with a brick repair or tuckpointing job. If you have an area with very badly damaged bricks in poor condition a power wash can be the perfect finishing touch to give your bricks a fresh, healthy look after tuckpointing or brick repair work has been done. In fact, it is recommended that you patch up cracks in your brick and mortar before a power wash to ensure that water and cleaning chemicals do not seep deep into your wall. This also ensures that the power wash does not damage crumbling bricks but instead just cleans normal, healthy bricks. If your brick wall is in poor shape a brick repair, tuckpointing, and power washing combination will usually be the perfect thing to get it looking like new again.

A power wash can also be used on brick chimneys and even on concrete. Both of these surfaces can accumulate grime, dirt, and sediment just like a brick wall and a power wash is often the best way to get these surfaces to look like new again. Just like with a brick wall, chimneys and concrete surfaces often require a combination of water power washing, sand blasting, and chemical cleaning to fully restore. We also recommend patching up you chimney and concrete surface before a power wash to make sure that water does not seep too far into your structure and to make sure that the power washing does not damage the structure.

At Delta C. Tuckpointing we have been power washing bricks, chimneys, and concrete for over two decades. We can coordinate applying tuckpointing, brick repair, and power washing to make sure that your brick and concrete structures look like new. We always guarantee prompt service and the highest quality work on all power washing projects.

Power Washing Service Area

We perform power washing in all of the following areas:

North Shore

Lake Forest, Il

Lake Bluff, Il

Mettawa, Il

Highland Park, Il

Winnetka, Il

Glencoe, Il

Kenilworth, Il

Wilmette, Il

Great Lakes, Il

Fort Sheridan, Il

Lincolnshire, Il

Vernon Hills, Il

Deerfield, Il

Bannockburn, Il

Libertyville, Il

Mundelein, Il

Highwood, Il

Northbrook, Il

Northfield, Il

Glenview, Il

Wheeling, Il

Buffalo Grove, Il

Waukegan, Il


Chicago, Il

Union Ridge

Norwood Park

Schorsch Village

Belmont Heights

Hanson Park

Peterson Park

Rogers Park

Portage Park

Kilbourn Park

Jefferson Park



Lincoln Square


Roscoe Village






Forest Glen



Northern Chicago


Evanston, Il

Park Ridge, Il

Edison Park

Skokie, Il

Niles, Il

Lincolnwood, Il

Arlington Heights, Il

Prospect Heights, Il

Mt. Prospect, Il

Morton Grove, Il

Oak Park, Il

Des Plaines, Il

River Forest, Il

Harwood Heights, Il

Norridge, Il

Elmwood Park, Il


River Grove, Il

Melrose Park, Il

Schiller Park, Il

Franklin Park, Il

North Chicago, Il



Lincoln Park


Irving Park


Buena Park


Logan Square

Wicker Park

West Town

East Village

Ukrainian Village

River North

Old Town

Gold Coast

Near North


Near East Side

Millenium Park


West Loop

South Loop

Goose Island

River West



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Power Washing Gallery

  • Power Washing 1
  • Power Washing 2
  • Power Washing 3
  • Power Washing 4

Power Washing - Brick Wall 1

Power Wash Before

Power Wash - Before

This brick wall corner area has a white efflorescence layer and needs a power wash. The white dust is residue that seeps out of the bricks from moisture and weathering. Bricks like these are tuckpointed and then prepped and ready for a power wash. to clean off any excess residue.


Power Wash After

Power Wash - After

This is an example of what a successful power wash would do. We see the clean healthy bricks that were underneath the layer of efflorescence and grime. Our power washs allow the natural beauty of any bricks and brick walls to shine through and can gave just about any brick area a clean, healthy look.

Power Washing - Brick Wall 2

Power Washing Brick Wall

Power Washing - Before

These bricks have just been tuckpointed and prepped in preparation for a power wash however they still have a layer of white efflorescence over them. In order to get these bricks to look clean we need to power wash them with a special efflorescence removing chemical cleaner.


Power Washing Brick

Power Washing - After

After applying the chemical power wash, bricks that previously had efflorescent residue can look clean again. We can power wash most residue to produce bricks and walls with clean, healthy looking appearances thanks to our treatment. This is an example of the potential difference a power wash can make.

Power Washing - Concrete

Power Washing Concrete Before

Power Washing Concrete - Before

This concrete patio is dirty and in need of a power wash to clean off all its dirt and grime. A water power wash with a cleaning solution should wash the grime right off. This concrete power wash will be essentially the same as all the other power washing projects that we have completed on the previously shown brick walls.


Power Wash Concrete

Power Washing Concrete - After

We see here what a concrete power wash can do to clean most of the grime right off of just about any patio. Just like with brick power washs, concrete power washes can give most areas a new, clean, and healthy look.

Power Washing - Chimney

Power Washing Chimney Power Wash Chimney

Power Wash - Before

A power wash can also be done on a chimney. This chimney has a dirty cap and several of the bricks are grimy and covered with dust and debris. A power wash of the bricks on this chimney should give it a cleaner, sharper look. We often do powerwashes on old chimneys or to clean a chimney that has just been rebuilt.

Power Wash - After

Water and chemical powerwashing can remove the grime and efflorescence right off of nearly any chimney. The bricks and concrete on this chimney look just as clean and healthy as after any power wash project. Power washing is very useful after tuckpointing or repairing to clean off excess debris.

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