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Northbrook, Il Tuckpointing Description

We have been offering our professional tuckpointing services to the village of Northbrook, Il 60062 60065 since 1987. Tuckpointing is a brick, stone, and mortar maintenance procedure in which bricks, stones, mortar, and concrete are grinded down to remove dirt, debris, and uneven mortar to create space for new mortar and cement. During a tuckpointing project new mortar is installed in joint lines to fill holes and cracks around any damaged bricks, stones, mortar, or cement. Tuckpointing will improve the appearance of any masonry fixture and it also improves the structural integrity of these areas by applying another layer of bonding materials. Most Northbrook homes and buildings are built with brick, stone, or concrete materials and tuckpointing these areas helps to ensures they remain in the best possible condition.

We have over 26 years of professional experience working on tuckpointing projects in Northbrook, Il. Northbrook home and business owners appreciate the value of their buildings and properties and are always diligent about maintaining their brick, stone, concrete, and mortar fixtures. As professional tuckpointing specialists we believe that it is our job to help Northbrook residents maintain their properties by providing our reliable and high quality tuckpointing services. Our licensed tuckpointing professionals are fully skilled and equipped to complete all of our Northbrook tuckpointing projects to the highest degree of quality and customer service that our Northbrook clients expect.

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Northbrook, Il Tuckpointing Photos

Tuckpointing Northbrook, Il 60062 60065 Northbrook, Il 60062 60065 - Tuckpointing - During

This is Northbrook tuckpointing project that we completed on the entire side of this home. This beautiful, decorative brick and stucco wall was well built however over several the years the mortar holding together these naturally styled bricks had started to crack and erode from water, wear, and natural weathering. This affected not just the authentic appearance but also the integrity of this wall and created several cracks, holes, leaks, and drafts. A tuckpointing project was decidedly necessary to repair these issues. Tuckpointing was a wise and effective solution in this case because even though the general bricks on this wall were fine the mortar absolutely needed to be grinded down and replaced in order to properly repair the brick and stucco wall on this Northbrook home.

Northbrook, Il Tuck Pointing 60062 60065 Northbrook, Il 60062 60065 - Tuckpointing - Before

This is a close-up of the work that we are completing during this Northbrook tuckpointing project. This photo shows us the state of the bricks and mortar before we began our tuckpointing work. We can see that the old mortar is faded and uneven. There are several holes and cracks and the general appearance of this area looks drab and run-down. The brickwork on this home is truly a beautiful asset and to make the most of its appearance and to ensure that it looks great well into the future we will fully tuckpoint and improve these areas.

Northbrook, Il Tuckpointing 60065 60062

Northbrook, Il 60062 60065 - Tuckpointing - After

This is the same window area on this Northbrook home after we have completed all of our tuckpointing work. We can see that all of the old mortar and debris has been grinded down and removed and that completely new mortar has been installed. The new mortar color was specifically selected by the homeowner before we began our tuckpointing work and does a great job of complementing both the brick and stucco features on this home. Our tuckpointing work was completed successfully and correctly as we can see by the smooth and consistent mortar lines and by the complete absence of any holes or cracks. Not only did our tuckpointing work make the bricks on this Northbrook home look great but by installing new mortar to re-bond all of the bricks it also helped prevent and future damage from developing.

Northbrook, Il Tuck Pointing 60065 60062 Northbrook, Il 60062 60065 - Tuckpointing - Before

This is a more detailed photo of the condition of the mortar on this Northbrook home before we began our tuckpointing work. At this close of a level we can fully see and understand the damage that existed on the bricks and mortar on this home before our tuckpointing project. The mortar is fragmented, depleted, and uneven and there are many cracks and spaces between the bricks which can easily allow water to penetrate, further damage this area, and even leak into the home. As mentioned before the bricks themselves are in excellent shape however in order to return this area to its full potential we will have to completely grind down the old bricks and mortar during our tuckpointing process to install a new generous and consistent layer to re-bond all these bricks and to fill in all of these cracks and holes.

Tuckpointing Northbrook, Il 60062 60065Northbrook, Il 60062 60065 - Tuckpointing - After

This is the same brick area on this Northbrook home after we have completed our tuckpointing project. We can see the dramatic difference between the mortar before and after our tuckpointing work as evidenced by the new smooth and consistent mortar lines between these bricks. Our tuckpointing work removed all of the old damaged mortar and debris and completely covered over any holes or cracks with completely new mortar. As previously mentioned this new mortar was specifically selected by these Northbrook homeowners to complement the natural brickwork as well as the white stucco on this home. This tuckpointing project highlights the versatility and quality of our professional tuckpointing services as well as the practical and effective results of our tuckpointing service in general.

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