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Welcome to Delta Tuckpointing

Delta C. Tuckpointing is a professional residential and commercial tuckpointing, chimney repair, concrete, brick repair, and powerwashing service provider. From brick repairs to chimneys to tuckpointing and even to laying sidewalks and repairing concrete steps we can meet all of your brick, chimney, tuckpointing, and concrete repair, installation, and maintenance needs. We service Northern Chicagoland, Downtown, the Northern and Western Suburbs, as well as the North Shore.

Tuckpointing Brick Chimney Concrete

We are family owned and operated employing 3 generations of our family and we pride ourselves on our honest and friendly approach towards our customers as well as on our expertise and high quality of work. If you have a project that you're thinking of doing give us a call and we will have someone over right away to give you a quote on your work. All of our estimates and consultations are free of charge and come with no pressure or obligation.

We work everywhere in the Northern Chicagoland area from the Loop up to the Northern Suburbs and all the way up to our headquarters in the North Shore. Are you looking for an appointment? Just give us a call at 847 482-1800 or email us at info@deltac.us.

Tuckpointing Services Video

Want an idea of our services? Our YouTube videos can give you a good idea of what we do, namely our tuckpointing, brick repair, chimney repair, and concrete services:

Prepare for the 2018 Tuckpointing Season!

We hope the snow melts soon and we can begin another season of serving our local Northern Chicagoland and North Shore community! We can take care of all of your exterior repairs - from tuckpointing to brick repairs to chimney repairs to concrete and even to door and window projects.

Better Business Bureau Rating

We are proud to be BBB accredited and to serve the Chicagoland area as professional brick, chimney, masonry, tuckpointing, and concrete contractors. We have a great Better Business Bureau rating thanks to our years of professional and dedicated customer-centered service.

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